Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Drummer Boy

Yesterday we had our second son turn 25. TWENTY FIVE! We are shocked. 2 children a quarter of a century old? Goodness! Dh and I both called him and talked to him. It's hard not having them here on special days. We feel it every day but REALLY feel it on the special ones. I hope they get to come for a visit soon. If they don't we will have to go to them. We need a baby fix.
Brand new Drummer Boy
He was the original Skater Boy but he moved on to drumming.
Broken foot. No it didn't stop him from skating.

Cowboy Drummer.

Happy Birthday Baby Boy. We love you! May you have a wonderful year. The best is yet to be.

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  1. So many faces of Drummer boy! Happy birthday Joel! You were/are quite the story teller one fo the many things I love about ya!