Saturday, April 24, 2010

Full days

A friend's dad died last Sunday. He will be missed every single day. I tell you that to tell just how funny my life can be. Even when I'm not trying I can make a mess of things. I was taking a meal to the wife. She used to watch Monkey when he was a little guy and they loved each other very much. So I normally take a frozen lasagna or something similar and all the side stuff that can either be cooked then or when they need it later. This time I was going to do something a bit different. Since I knew she had friends in town to be with her I planned for 3. I took some enchilada's and rice/re fried beans and chips and salsa to her. Nothing that had to be cooked THAT day but whenever. As I walked up to the door she just smiled a sad smile - we all know THAT look - and said Oh you didn't have to do that. I said No worries just have it when you need it. Then I walked in and met her friends that are in town and guess what........ They are Hispanic. I almost choked! Isn't that just my luck. LOL Oh well my heart is in the right place and they won't starve.

Today I had the privilege to be able to go to a live simulcast of Beth Moore's Good Bye Insecurities. It was so good! I took some notes but mostly I listened and took it in. There was 869 locations and over 300,00o women who took part. It was really a wonderful experience. A few things that stuck in my mind were, insecurity and humility are not the same thing! Insecurity is NOT a weakness, it is plain and simple unbelief! - that stung! Being insecure is really being really self absorbed! That didn't feel really good either! The scripture for the day was mostly Ephesians 4:1 - 5:2.
When Beth was done speaking but before she let us go she asked us to face our neighbor and say a commissioning statement to each other. SO out of my comfort zone. I had just today met who I was sitting by. She was bolder then I but I did what I was asked. It was so moving! This is what we commissioned

My Dear Sister

If Christ is Your Savior

You are the dwelling place

Of His own Spirit

You have it IN YOU

to be secure.

Every day of your life

You have a choice to make

You can live in your old defeat

Or you can turn from your unbelief

And choose life

Make up your mind

To put off the old you

And put on the new you.

Never, ever, ever forget

That the Lord is your security.

He will keep your foot

From being caught in a trap.

He will take care of you

To your very last breath.

Now, leave this place

And go out into the world

And act like a person

Who knows she’s dearly loved.

You were born to be exceptional.

So, Girlfriend, go forth

And walk worthy of your calling.

You are clothed in strength and dignity!

Now unto Him

Who can keep you from falling

Be glory and majesty

Power and authority

Through Jesus Christ our Lord

Now and forever more


So Long, Insecurity!
(Beth Moore)

I hope you are having a good weekend.


  1. Still working on words to express and action to put it forward. It was MOVING...would have loved to have been with you but glad I wasn't know what I mean! I would like the book and the music from the webcast...

  2. I could not go because I had to work but I love Beth Moore. She is the one when I went to Houston marched out to the middle of the Houston dome and dropped to her knees and prayed. It was right after 911. Am glad you enoyed it.