Monday, May 3, 2010


The wind blew ALL night and ALL day. We were without power off and on. DIL and I went to take Princess and Buster to get pictures made and they had no power too. We were successful later though. Princess is so shy it's just hard for her. I can't wait to get them though. Buster can't stop smiling! He is a big flirty boy.

This guy was in our tree this morning hanging on for dear life. Anyone know what it is?

While we were waiting at the photo place to see if the power would come back on
Princess fell asleep. No the picture is not upside down. She flung herself over the side of Monkey's car seat. She took a little nap that way. I felt under her neck to make sure she wasn't strangling herself.

Buster and I playing.

We were having such a good time.

Then he was done. See he can cry.

So I just scooped him up and snuggled and he fell asleep. Then took a nap in my bed.



  1. Oh I can smell the back of his neck from here! Sigh...

  2. That's a male Gold Finch(Washington's bird I think) That is one happy little boy!

  3. Sharon beat me to it I knew it was a Gold Finch. Pretty aren't they. Yes, WA bird.

  4. It almost looks like my birds but mine have LOTS of's belly is all yellowy...