Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Today after I was done at the Mansion I went and had a pedicure. I don't bother with a manicure because it's a waste on my ugly hands. But a pedicure? OH THE BLISS! I had purple toes last time so it seemed like a pink day.
Today Bugs and I went to his 6Th grade orientation tonight. Neither of us are ready! We will go in August and get his schedule and do the whole tour then.

One of my "Something in your backyard" rejects. Please notice he's in a school shirt/jeans and his school shoes. I wasn't upset about the mud, I was upset about the school clothes. What a BOY!

Buster at the Zoo.

3 little monkeys at the zoo

Buster grinning at me at the Zoo.



  1. Buster is just TOOOOOOOOOO happy :)

  2. Loving Buster's smile! Loves his Nana! And too bad Monkey didn't have someone to blame the mud on...like Dru perhaps! ;)

  3. And the toes by the way are very pinky!

  4. Love the tattie! You sure do take some awesome pictures. Off to read more of your blog, hope you are well, peace