Monday, May 17, 2010

Some pictures

I haven't felt very wordy lately. So here is some pictures from when Princess was here. We took The Littles out of school for the day and took Buster and Princess to the zoo. We LOVE to go to the zoo. Princess reminds us so much of T2. She's kind of scared of anything new. But she liked the Giraffes and the snow leopard which she called the jaguar from Dora. We had such a good time. We took the wagon for Princess and the stroller for Buster. He was such a good baby. He wasn't as excited about the zoo as we were but we were glad we took him.

The Littles and Princess at the penguins


We had our first BBQ of the year yesterday. It was so good! There is something about the first one! Heir apparent and Roommate came. We had so much food! So today we just had leftovers. I was just happy to not have to cook.


Our Chef

This was my mirror picture reject. I had a vision in my brain but couldn't make it happen.



  1. OH MONKEY BOY :) LOL I love this~

  2. And Bugs did such a good job posing! Need more pictures of Buster though!