Sunday, May 2, 2010

Princess turns 3

Princess and Buster came to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Princess's birth. Oh they brought their parents with them too.

Buster talking to me. He loves his Nana best!

He is a grinny boy!

Princess and her daddy at her party.

Uncle Heir apparent and Buster. He was laughing at him.

I know it's a tad out of focus but I love this picture.

T2 waiting for cake.

Heir and Monkey's love fest.

Princess and her PINK dress.


I don't know if Skater is "helping" or playing with Dora.
After the Princesses party Dh and The Littles and I took a drive. I needed to check out a place for a family gathering to make sure they had electricity where we want to meet. It does. Now to reserve it. As we were parked so I could take a "broken" picture Bugs said Mom is that "something" out there? OMW it was a whale. It was very close in. We took off walking pretty quick down the beach. We were no longer on park property but I'm pretty sure Dh didn't care. haha The whale kept coming up then going down then breathing. I tried MANY times to catch the mist of it's breath but my camera is dying and it just wouldn't focus or take the picture fast enough. We were so excited. Then it started to REALLY rain and the tide was coming in so we headed back to the van.
Our whale. I think it's a Grey whale.

Monkey on a stump

This is taken in real size, we walked a bit farther down the beach but I don't think it was any closer then this. The whale is behind Bug's head.

We were just in awe.

Dh and Bugs coming back.

You know some times in your life you really just need a "gift" from God. Today was that day. I just needed something special for just us. I know those people who live along that beach maybe thought the whale was "for" them, but it wasn't. It was for the 4 of us today and we will take that wonderful little gift. It felt very special. The park was mostly empty, we were the only ones standing on the beach and we saw that whale. What a wonderful way to start the week! 2 grand kids and a whale = special!
Have a blessed week!


  1. I bet Nathaniel has curly hair!!!!! He looks like his sister:) Your camera CANNOT die.. PERIOD.

  2. I think Skaterboy was playing with Dora but that's just me. LOVE the whale pics! I can't wait to go camping there with you guys!