Wednesday, May 19, 2010


This morning I was the first one up. When I went to the kitchen to start tea and Rocky was staring in the kitchen window. Then I looked at the feeder and it was empty. Rocky was hungry. I went to the back door and he followed me.
This is him coming towards the back door. He was apparently VERY hungry. He needed his peanuts please.
I grabbed a handful of peanuts and cracked the door and threw them out. He gathered them up and took off with them. Dh filled the feeder when he got up. He would have opened the door and fed Rocky from his hand. I do not do that! RABIES!

That was how our morning started.


  1. Better not run out of peanuts!

    'Anybody want a peanut? Stop rhyming and I mean it!~~~ What movie is that from?

  2. I knew you'd know that one...just kept going through my head while I was reading about Rocky!

  3. Are you going to spray paint his tail?