Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! For several reason's we will not be together this Thanksgiving. So, we had our big dinner on Sunday. It was so nice. I forgot to take a picture of the beautiful table. It was so pretty too. Drats. It was Roommates birthday on Monday so I put some candles in the butterscotch pie. He was tickled! I can't believe this boy is 27. He and Heir have been best buddies since Jr. High.

Roommate blowing out his candles. Mindy and Scout in the background.

T2 and Mafia.

Mindy and Heir. PIE! I only made 3 pies instead of the 7. It was plenty and not so much leftover.

Trying to be cute.

Birthday boy and Scout.

After Turkey resting.

Dh took the camera. I told him I wouldn't delete it. :)
When Dh went to do his final bed check this is what he found. Carmel LOVES that boy! Usually she is ON his head.

Monkey and his best girl.

That was started Sunday night, it has been giving me fits since then.
On Monday morning at 6:15 I took Skater to work. It was not snowing. Bugs got on his bus (sans crutches but with his brace (not broken just a bad sprain)) at 7:30. About 10 minutes later it started to snow. Dh took Monkey to school at 9:15. It was REALLY snowing. I left and what should have taken 35 minutes took about an hour. I did what I needed to do and headed home about 3. I got home at 6. THREE hours! So tired. My jaw hurt today. I think from being so tense. I'm not afraid of the snow but boy oh boy are there people here who are! Some people were stuck for many many hours. Today was much better. We still have snow and it's bitter cold. It's not even Winter yet. I hope the weather people are wrong about this Winter.

Our snow Monday night.

We have so much to be thankful for. Even at our worst we are so much better off then most of the rest of the world. I hope everyone takes a moment in all the busy and fun to stop and give thanks for all of our many blessings!


  1. We got it too down here in Shelton. Looks about the same, I'll post pictures on Sunday. Stay warm up there cousin!
    Love and hugs, Joy

  2. Thanksgiving looked like fun! The picture of you that DH took looks great and I like that shirt you are wearing! You are looking good!