Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Squirrel Wars

We have an on going war between the squirrels and the dog/cat. Dh feeds the squirrels in the squirrel feeders and he has started putting food in the flower box under my kitchen window. ( I don't like that by the way but there are no flowers in it so I guess I will get over it) Every day Angel (who isn't) and Walker are determined to catch one. It isn't ever going to happen. Here are some pictures of the hi jinks going on.

Right in my kitchen window, they don't care if you are standing there washing dishes or not. I one time caught Angel in the sink (GROSS) trying to get at one through the window.

Just standing there watching him and he knew I was there and was not bothered.

Angel just waiting.

She changed her position. She is determined. She isn't really an outside cat and she is big and fat and I'm pretty sure she couldn't catch one EVER!

Rocky. He has been known to jump over Walker to get to the feeder. Walker always looks puzzled.

In the feeder

Where did he go???? ( I love this face though)

They jump from this railing into that tree.

She is still waiting.

I hope you have a good week.


  1. I got one of those boxes at a garage sale. Thought it was a bird feeder and was waiting for a quart jar to use it. Now I know it is a squirrel feeder or chipmunk feeder I suppose. I know we have one of those living in our carport. Thanks for the info.
    hugs, Joy