Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Broken Bugs

On Saturday we had plans to leave about 1:30 to stop and get a gift for a little girl and to go to a place called 3.2.1 Bounce for a birthday part. It was looking to be a wonderful time for the boys. Just before we left Bugs went running across the yard to try and jump a pile of leaves. He slipped and slid and ended up with his foot up back up by his back. OUCH! He sort of limped/crawled into the house. He cleaned up and we left. I stopped on the way and the boys just sat in the car while I ran in. When we got to the place (REALLY cool by the way) Bugs couldn't walk. I helped him hop into the place and he sat down. When it was our groups turn to head into the play area he was still not walking on it and gasped/cried when he tried. This place was a blast! It had blow up bouncy houses and huge blow up obstacle courses. You could joust and use these GINORMOUS boxing gloves and box - all the while trying to balance in bouncy house thingies. VERY fun! Bugs just stood or sat and watched. He did one thing on his knees. He and I played air hockey for a while. As the hour went on and I realized that Bugs was not going to play no matter how long we were there I then knew he was really hurt. We headed out. As we were leaving I called Dh and asked him to meet us in the ER so he could take Monkey home. When we got to the ER Bugs really couldn't walk and was trying to hop but it hurt to do that. So I was carrying him on my back when a nurse noticed and brought us out a wheelchair. WHEW! We actually weren't there to long when they got us back in a room and then took x-rays right away. Then the doc came in. He wasn't positive there isn't a break in the growth plate but neither him nor the radiologist wouldn't say there isn't one. Bugs is in a splint and on crutches. A 12 year old boy on crutches is hysterical! He is getting better but he has fallen several times every day.

Monkey going up a very TALL slide.

This is how Bugs was the whole time. I knew then he was hurt.

He still wasn't sure he wasn't going to get a shot.

There he gave me a small smile.

The problem foot.

At home on the couch.
This is not Walker's couch. But he thinks it is. He is a 115lb dog on a toddler couch. He thinks he fits.

As the evening wore on....... Isn't he funny?



  1. I am so sorry Lane. I hope its all better soon.

    Yes Walker is funny.

  2. Oh poor Bugs! That was his kind of joint too!!! You'll have to come to our gymnastic place...it's sorta like that...we just have one big blow up slide and then a bunch of other things...kids love it though! I love Walker...that's how charlie is on his little bed...he makes it work and when he's really tired he doesn't fit at all!

  3. I've never seen him look so pathetic!