Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Christ has risen! That is the reason we celebrate today. Without Easter everything else is all for nothing.
The Littles and their macho pose! They were cracking me up.

Us! Bugs was so handsome and looks so grown up all of a sudden. I'm wearing heels or we would have been the same height.

Heir and Bugs hunting eggs. That child is 27 years old. He cracks me UP! He helped Princess - well they all did but he still cracks me up.

Drummer and Buster UNDER the trampoline. Buster was getting into picking up the eggs.

Buster found one of the golden eggs. He didn't care. :)

Kevin and T2.

Bugs emptying his eggs and counting his money. He found a golden egg too. He actually found 2 but asked his daddy to re hide one for Monkey. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Drummer being caught with Buster's candy in his mouth! BAD Daddy!

Princess asking me to take her out so she can do her bubbles!

Buster and his eggs. That kid will smile every time I take out my camera. He is such a ham.

One of Princess's and her daddy's bubbles. Isn't it cool!

Princess and her new frilly dress and her boots! She cracks me up!

I just love the look of this bubble, like it's going to hit T2 in the head.

My beautiful Daughter in law and Drummer.

We had a great dinner. It had been raining but when Dh went to hide eggs the sky's cleared and it was nice.

I hope you have a wonderful week.



  1. I want that picture of Lily in her dress and boots blowing bubbles. I can't get it to copy though.

  2. Happy Easter to my favorite family!

  3. Your wearing my purple shirt...just sayin