Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Houston we have a problem!

Yesterday Monkey was BOTHERING Bugs. And I mean really bothering him. Following him around and just picking at him. So he got in trouble and got sent to his room. After fussing at me about the injustice of it all he went to his room and SLAMMED the door! I have dealt with door slammers before. Heir was a huge door slammer. He pushed me one day to far and when he came home from school his door was gone! It was gone for several months. He CHERISHED his privacy and hadn't had his own room for very long, so he got the message loud and clear and doesn't slam doors any more. SO, this isn't my first time at the rodeo. However I know loosing a door isn't the same to a 6 year old as it is to a 16 year old. As Monkey was stewing in his room I was changing sheets on my bed and putting clothes away. I heard his door knob then a small voice said Mom I can't get out of my room. I said oh? I tried his door and it would not open. I went and got a screw driver and a flashlight. I was fiddling and working at it. It was only loosing the knob but not getting the bar out of the hole in the other side. I tried Heir because I knew he was on his way. He of course didn't answer. A few minutes later Drummer and T2 walked in the door. They took over for me. T2 kept asking me if he could just rush the door. I said NO! I will replace a knob not a door! He kept asking! He just wanted to run through the door. Weirdo! I kept asking Monkey if he was alright, he kept saying yes. He was playing or holding the knob from the other side for his brother. Bugs came up and asked what was going on. I explained the situation and he about had a stroke! He was so worried. I finally sent him down stairs so he didn't get Monkey all worked up for nothing! Drummer asked if he could get the ladder out and go through the window to get him. I said NO! Your not taking my baby out a 2 story window! The door knob will come off! Drummer continued fiddling and working and FINALLY he got the door knob off. WHEW! Monkey was in his room for the better part of an hour.
When Daddy came home I asked Monkey to explain what happened. He said and I quote " Slamming your door is not an option! Closing your door nicely is your ONLY option"!
After he left the room we laughed so hard! That kid cracks us up. The door knob guts are in 7 pieces and can't be fixed. So a new knob it is for Monkey. WAY better then a new door.
Have a wonderful day. No slamming doors!


  1. Grandpa and I are laughing. No door slamming isn't an an option. Remember you lost the end of your finger in a door slamming incident Nikki.

  2. LOL! That's funny! Lesson learned!!