Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Anniversary

Or.... Adventures in traveling without kids!

Dh and I had our anniversary this past weekend. He took it upon himself to plan for us to go away. It didn't quite work out like he had envisioned but we put our heads together and got it all worked out. We left the dogs with T2 and found places for The Littles. THANK YOU - you know who you are! We left Saturday morning, earlier then I wanted but later then Dh wanted. It was a compromise. It worked.
Every time we drive by the exit for the states capital we try to grab a drive by shot. Since we were in no particular hurry I took the exit and we did a close drive by. It was nice.

The capital. Very pretty up close.

This is us right after we got there. It was very windy! We were excited about the sand and surf, hoped for maybe a bit of sun. It was sunny the WHOLE time we were there. It was beautiful!

Since we didn't have any kids Dh REALLY wanted to ride the Mopeds. I think they are vesper's or something like that. We had so much fun! We both were way more comfortable on the sand rather then the streets. We FROZE though. Our hands were so cold when we were done. We are kind of pathetic though, we both kept thinking how much fun the kids would have thought it was too.

We had a nice dinner and then went out to watch the sunset. It was very cold and windy but beautiful! I have about 25 pictures waiting for the sun to go down. I swear we could hear it hiss when it hit.

The camera was propped up on a log. The wind gusts kept catching it and we thought it was going over. I was doing the timer and run thing so we were laughing pretty hard.

Day 2 was even warmer! It was so beautiful. There is something so good for your soul in the salty air and sand and surf.

We took off on a horse back ride. It has been a while since I've been on a horse and even longer for Dh. It was so nice!

It was time to go. We had to get The Littles and get back to our regularly scheduled programing. Sigh. It's always hard to go home but feels so good when you get there.

This is an outtake of trying to take our picture. The wind kept whipping my hair around like crazy! We were laughing so hard.

The pro's and con's of traveling without kids.

Pro's - you can eat where you want when you want.

There is no "He's touching me"

You can listen to any kind of music you want. Even Il Divo and then when your husband asks - What are they saying? To which I say, Does it matter?

Con's - Even though you are only going 175 miles you still have to stop 3 times and there are no kids to blame it on.

There is no one to get exited with you when you say "DEER!"

When you begin to wonder Are We There Yet? There is no one else to say it for you.

I have you have a wonderful week!


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  1. LOL! LOVE the pros and cons! I'm so glad you guys had a wonderful time! I love the ocean, it soothes my soul and the roar of the waves is like watching a fire snap, crackle, and pop. You can get lost in it. I want to go back (Ilwaco does not count) and take my boys! I'm jealous you rode horses though...cold day in hell when Frank would do that with me!