Thursday, April 14, 2011

Not on your life!

Buster is starting to really walk. He is so stinking cute! He can also count to 3! He's a genius! When Drummer holds Buster's hands and says ONE, then Buster says TWO, THREE and then Drummer swings him up and Buster laughs HYSTERICALLY! He thinks his daddy is so funny!

This morning Monkey was having a hard time waking up. I went to switch laundry around and this is the faces I found when I came back. Scout is such a snuggle dog! She will take any warm lap thankyouverymuch.

The other day when I was in Seattle we passed this building. I didn't even notice at first, then Rescue Rita said could you, would you ever? I just stared, then got my eyes on it. NO NEVER NOT ON YOUR LIFE! I can't imagine being broke enough that I would ever entertain doing this job! EVER!

Just saying..........


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