Friday, September 2, 2011

The Fair

I love the fair! Skater did 4H with our dog for several years so we got kind of burnt out on it for a time but I love going. All the sights and smells. I could sit in the middle and people watch all day. As our last big broohahaha before school starts we went to the fair yesterday. I also had put pictures in the photography part and wanted to see how I finished. Off we went.

I love the Grange displays. It's like a quilt.

I got 2 - seconds and 1 - first. I did better then last year! I am proud of myself.

We love watching the Native dancers and listening the the drums. Such beautiful costumes!

My Auntie needs these in her garden. He was about waist high.

The Littles on some rides!

My photo challenge picture. I should have photo shopped it but I just posted it because I was tired. It works.

From DH's camera.

The Littles and me.

A cute boy!

Bugs had just moonwalked all across that balcony. He cracks us up! People behind us said did that kid just moonwalk up there. We just laughed.
I send Dh's camera up in the ferris wheel with Bugs. Mostly they were blurry, but this one was kind of good.

From the top of the world!

Have a great weekend!



  1. You should be proud! Those were good pictures! Bugs is too funny...does what he wants and he's happy!

    You have a good weekend too!

  2. ahhhhhhhhh the fair the fair~~~~~ Let's go to one of those midwestern ones.. oh no, it's just politians. we will skip it and do local :)