Thursday, September 1, 2011

What will they think of next....

The Littles went with me today. They were going to play with Charlotte's grand kids. On the way the radio had a commercial about an adoption event coming up. It's trying to help kids in the foster system find forever families. Bugs asked why didn't we adopt. He said that he STILL wanted a sister. Even though Monkey is a boy and he wouldn't change him he wants a sister. Monkey pipes up that he really WANTS a sister too. I said boys we are done having babies. Sorry. I would have loved for you to have a sister but it's not happening. The conversation went on for several minutes. I said I was very content with our family the way it is. They really wouldn't let it go. I finally said You know boys, if God drops a little girl in our laps then you will know that's what he wanted for you. They were like a dog with a bone. Just wouldn't let it go. I just don't think I knew how badly they feel cheated. T2 has always wanted a sister. I know it's his prayers being answered that we have Bugs. He had his Sunday School teacher and class pray for us a baby many years ago. I think if you asked Bev today she would take credit! T2 calls Drummer's wife his sister. Not sister in law, Sister! So all that to say, Bugs is praying that God drops a sister in our lap.



  1. HA! Well you ask him if I'm chopped liver would ya ;) Kidding! But got Princess and Tinkerbell!! I'm sure Lee would still tell he wants a 'tister' too...Dru for that matter also. Boys are SO funny!

  2. you let them down!!!!!!!! :)

  3. I did not let them down! Their Daddy did! I did my part!