Monday, September 19, 2011

What I've learned from striking teachers....

I've learned that if you don't like what your boss does or rules he puts in place, instead of weighing your options to either move on or buck up you can bully and blackmail to get your own way. In this time in our country you would think that they would just be happy to have a job! I know teacher's that would LOVE a full time job.
I've learned that their are good rules in place for everyone. However Teachers don't have to follow them. They are free to do what they will. They don't have to follow the judges ruling. I hope that comes in handy for the students who don't complete work or do it correctly. I think they deserve a pass.
I've learned that teachers will say and do anything all in the name of whats best for the students and it's really all BS. Those children would rather be in school. Please stop waving your cause in their face. They are CHILDREN!
I think you teachers on strike need to just close your mouth and get into your classroom and get teaching or get out of the schools altogether!

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  1. Good post Nikki = I believe every teacher and I mean every one of them that disobeys the court order should be fired IMMEDIATELY and those teachers who really want to teach be hired to fill their positions. I would take my kids to school every day since the court order and sit with them in the class room, then when they add all these missed days on at the end, my kids and I would leave town, they were in class every day. I am disgusted with the entire drama, what did they go to college and get a TEACHING certificate for it that is how they are going to teach. Now I got that out of my system.