Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Years

Today has been a day of reflection and memories for most of our Nation.
My normal morning started about 6 am. I got up and made my tea and sat down at the computer to chat with my Aunt before we both got busy with our days. She IMMEDIATELY said Turn on your TV! Something bad is happening. It's was moments after the first tower was hit. I sat and watched in horror as the second tower was hit. I was glued to my TV. It didn't take me long to figure out what looked like papers flying out of window's were in fact not papers at all. Heir Apparent had enlisted into the Air Force in the Spring. He left for his BMT on September 4Th. When the second plane hit and the realization hit that it wasn't an accident I immediately had a horrible fear for Heir. I had visions of them slapping an M16 into his hands and dropping him out of a plane. It was 2 weeks before we got to talk to him and that was one of the things we very quickly talked about. He was safe and fine. There was extra safely measures on the base. That was such a relief for me.
The very next day Dh came home with a new flag. It went up and stayed up until Heir came home from his time in the Air Force. Heir has that flag in a shadow box. I means a lot to him and us! Dh put up the new one the second the first one came down. We will have a flag until they all come home.
In the days that followed talking to my Aunt my Uncle who is a First Responder was really feeling the loss. He knew that if it was him there, he would have done exactly what those men did, head in to do what he has been trained to do. One of my favorite pictures of him is when they had a chance to go to New York a few years ago. They went to Ground Zero and the Fire House across the street. My Aunt got a picture of him talking to a Fireman there and giving him a patch. It took my breath away. There is such a brotherhood among those men.
I don't remember all that I did on that day or in the days that followed. I do know that I knew then and still know now that we will never be the same. We must never forget.
I am humbled by every man, women and child that lost their life that day. From the people on Flight 93 who put a stop to that attack, to the people at the Pentagon and the people at the Twin Towers, the men and women who went in when everyone else was rushing out. Rest in Peace. We will never forget and always remember! Thank you to each and every service person who was serving then and has served since. I know that the price of freedom isn't free. Thank you seems so inadequate. But from the bottom of my heart Thank you!


  1. 10 years later that one event caused by one man changed a whole nation and the people in it forever!!

  2. I meant to post that picture yesterday. I will today. It was so special.