Saturday, September 10, 2011

Week in Review

I am not MIA.
I won't say for sure, but....
I might have had issue's with Blogger,
I might have been a bit busy trying to get back into a school schedule,
I might just have had a really bad attitude and didn't want to share.
You pick.

On Monday I did some more baking. Of course it's been the hottest week of the year.

2 Zucchini and 2 banana breads.

Dh went fishing. Please start counting now.

The Littles started back to school. They both were excited to go back.

I do not know why that child had a jacket on.

Mr. Grinny himself.

Dh picked blackberries for me. I love them but cannot make myself pick them. Just to many bugs and stickers!

There was about 15 cups there.

I have a double batch measured out in the freezer for jam so I decided to make and can blackberry pie filling. Anita and I had chatted it out since neither of us had done it before. It looks so pretty!

7 quarts of pie filling. I think that is good for the year.
And look what Dh did again.

How many do you have so far? And please remember the ones from last weekend that he sent home with my dad.
And that takes us to today. Bugs has been begging to go salmon fishing. So they got up early and were off.

This was the haul. Bugs had so much fun!
This was from Dh's camera.

Bugs and one of his fish.

So how many did you count? They are in my freezer. Some wrapped that Dh wants to smoke. Then the rest are vacuum packed for him to cook as he wants. Oh goodie!



  1. I counted 9 on this post, Bugs cracks me up with the coat!!! And I pick all the above of why you were MIA! I will also take a slice of each of the bread, thank you!

    You've been busy and it shows!

  2. I think you need to start smokin something good after that week :) I won't pick black berries either!