Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Dinner and a recap

T2 offered to have dinner at his house this week. It was so sweet! As it turned out Dh isn't feeling well so it was probably better for everyone to not come here this weekend. So T2 and Kevin cooked Little Caesar's Pizza. :) They did have a salad too. It was just nice to not have to worry about any of it. Thank you Son!

Ts and Skater chatting after dinner. We were watching the kids play in the hall way. Drummer was asleep in a chair. LOL

Buster was trying to see Bella and Bolt under the door. It was so cute!

He really wanted Bella out of there!
Kevin's door was just cracked open a little. Buster was sitting and looking in that little crack and T2 asked what he was looking at and Buster pointed and saw a sled in Kevin's room. The Littles and Buster and Princess ran with that sled up and down the tiny hall from T2's room to the kitchen for the longest time! They had a blast!

They loved that sled!

If I could I would like to ask anyone who is a praying person to pray for our extended family in the coming weeks. Our family has been touched by Cancer. We are shaken and scared but we are standing together in comfort and prayer. If the Lord brings us to mind will you pray for us, please.

Have a Blessed week.



  1. You are in my mind and prayers!

    Who knew Kevin had a cool toy like a sled in his room (intriguing...) but now he's the cool person ;)

    I love you guys!