Monday, November 7, 2011

A huge Recap!

Here is a picture dump and a little recap of last week.
On Friday our Littles went with the Baby Edgerton's and the grand kids to Toy Story 3 on Ice. They loved it! Then they went and stayed the night with them. BUT Drummer had plans to go with T2 and Heir on a hike so Drummer ended up bringing them all back here early Saturday morning. I should have just had them come here after the show but Dh and I went out on an actual date! We had so much fun. I text'ed my cousin Tim and his wife Theresa and they joined us for drinks and dinner. The band was pretty good. We actually had a really fun time. I should have had my camera! I hope we get to do it again soon.

Buster being his cute little self!

Her prettiness!

This weekend for some reason Bugs decided he would ride his bike. He has had NO desire to have the training wheels off his bike. He had a scooter and brother's if he wanted to get anywhere. He asked his daddy to please take the trainer's off so he could ride his bike. Then he got on it and rode it. The little .......! I wish I had his faith. Just believe and go for it!

Bugs off on his bike.

Riding his bike. Which by the way now that he knows how to ride it he needs a bigger one!

We have a HUGE Sycamore tree. It is the ban of our neighbors lives. We LOVE it! Partly because it bugs people but mostly because it's beautiful and it blocks the front of our house from everyone across from us view. It was beautiful weather this week so the guys blew and picked up leaves several time. Nope still don't have them all but made a huge start. I like the leaves on the ground at least through Halloween. It's FALL!

Dh "working".

Skater blowing the leaves into a pile.

The Supervisors.

I have a picture frame with all the boys faces and they haven't been updated since Drummer's wedding. So I'm working on getting new pictures. Here is Skater's. Isn't he handsome.

I hijacked some pictures of the boy's hike.

T2 and Heir. Aren't they handsome!

Heir and Drummer working their way to the top. They hiked to the summit and Mt. Pilchuck.
Sunday we had a good family dinner. Heir had a football game so he just stopped by. I will be happy when his football season is over. I know he enjoys playing but I don't like missing his face.

I hope you have a blessed week.


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