Monday, March 26, 2012

The Repair

A while ago, longer then I care to admit, Monkey pulled the soap/washcloth dealy off with the 6 tiles it was attached to. For MANY reason's Dh just put plastic and duct tape on it. *slowlyshakingmyhead* So one day we had water leaking into the downstairs bathroom/laundry room. So the time had come that he had to tackle the job and fix it. We called our friend/handyman Carl and they got on it! It took over a week and we were very lucky. The only mold/mildew was on the insulation and was not an issue when that was all taken out. The other bathroom was fine when the water was stopped. It's all good.

Before..... Notice the "bandaged fix"

Carl and Dh taking off the tiles.

Cutting out the walls.

The icky part!

Drying the wall out.

Sealed walls... That stuff stinks!

New insulation and new wall board.

Dh doing what he does best! Taping!

Trying to keep the worst of it out of the tub.

Bubbles in the mud. I had to point them out. Trust me, they didn't stay there!

Just drying out.

Primed and drying.

The practice run with the new surround.


The glue had to dry a long time. We aren't risking water damage again!

Dh masking off to paint the walls.

Tada! New walls, new paint.

All fixed and everything washed and all put back together.

The moral? If you have tile, fix it right away. And then DO NOT HAVE TILE. Actually I don't mind tile, I hate grout! If I could have huge sheets of slate or stone and caulking in the corners only it might be ok. I just do not like cleaning grout.

I hope you have a blessed week.



  1. and Nikki can take a bath!

  2. Very pretty Nikki even if it wasn't what you wanted. AND you can take a bath. Love you