Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Tire Changing Lesson

When we first moved here it was very hard for me. I traveled the 300 miles back home often. The 3 bigger boys and I have a lot of miles on us. More then once we had grand adventures. Once I was kidnapped but that's another story.
The 3 boys were about 1, 4, 6. I was driving along and BOOM! I had blown a tire! I was in the left lane cruising along so I pulled over onto the left shoulder/median as far as I felt comfortable going. I sat there shaking for a bit then thought hmmm well lets do this. I got out of the car. I was wearing a sundress. So I pulled out the spare tire and the jack and took a second to figure out what goes where. My dad made sure I know HOW to change a tire but I'm pretty sure I had never DONE it before. It was long before cell phones so I was on my own.
So I propped the tire up against the tailgate of the station wagon and started jacking up the car. Since I was jacking up the roadside of the car it seemed to me that the car was tipping a bit to much and it made me very nervous. So I got the 3 boys out and sat them away from the road in the median in the dirt. 2 little boys and one in a car seat. I went back to jacking the car up when all of a sudden the boys said "Look Mama" as I looked up and saw the spare tire rolling down and across the median. I stood with what I'm sure was a stupid look on my face totally expecting the tire to continue into the other lanes of traffic and causing a million dollar wreck. I thought I was going to loose everything before I even had it! Finally it hit a little hill and the up slope caused it to fall. WHEW! I pulled the boys farther away from the highway and walked across the median IN MY DRESS mind you and gathered up my tire and started pushing it back across the median to my car. I thought well that didn't work out like I thought. Then I laid the tire on the ground so it wouldn't roll away again. I got the flat off and the spare on and was just tightening the lug nuts up when someone finally stopped to help. A very nice man made sure they were all tight enough and helped me put it all back in the car. I loaded the boys back up and went up the highway to the rest area and washed my hands. I think my hands stopped shaking when I got to my parents house. Even though I know I could do it again if I needed, I just would call AAA now.
Have a blessed week.

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  1. LOL what a picture! I can see it! Those 3 boys and the tire rolling!