Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Sunday Recap

We have just been trucking along. We have been doing a small remodel/repair in our bathroom but that is another post. Just another week in paradise.

Monkey on his way to pajama day at school. He was so excited! He really REALLY needs new Superman Pj's.

My DIL had an appointment on Saturday so I had Buster and Princess for a while. It was so sunny and nice we took a walk to the park. It was cool but so pretty out. Today when they came for dinner Buster asked me to take him to swing again. He is such a sweetie!

Princess on our walk. I think we are all ready to be outside a lot more.

Buster showing me a plane! He LOVES airplanes.

She can pump herself! BUT... she likes to be pushed REALLY high. Notice the boots?

Down the slide!

Buster was fearless. He went up and down as many times as he could before we left. He loved that slide.

Just a swinging.....

My Bugs just flying off the slide.

Buster has decided that he can climb out of his crib. That probably isn't a good idea. We have had Monkey's car bed in the garage just waiting for him to be ready. Papa loaded it up and Princess road in the truck with Papa to deliver the car bed.

Off it goes to it's new home! Glad it's out of the garage.

After yesterdays beautiful sunny day this is what we woke up to this morning. SNOW! It's just been such a weird Winter. We are all soooo over it!

Just coming down like crazy.

This is later today. All of it is gone. It's still cold but no snow.

Bugs taking a picture of himself while riding his bike with no hands. I wonder if kids today know that the camera really should face OUT! LOL

Scout and Bella. I'm a little jealous. Bella has such good ears and Scout just doesn't. Sigh.

Skater sitting letting his dinner settle. Everyone was stuffed.

A very silly Buster playing with Uncle T2.

T2 telling Buster how it is.

I hope you have a blessed snow free week!



  1. beautiful children. UGLY weather!

  2. Everyone looks happy and I'm with you...ready to be outside more just not with it being so darn cold and the wind cutting you down! Brrrr!!!