Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Senator and the Bank Robber

I almost never get to see TV in the mornings. One morning last week I was able to see the first few minutes of Live with Kelly. Alec Baldwin was her guest host. They were doing the normal morning chatter. He says something along the lines of his theory about birth order. His thoughts are when you have multiple kids of the same sex it goes... Senator then Bank Robber. He explained him and his brothers are just like that. Senator - Bank Robber, Senator - Bank Robber. At first I started to laugh. Then I got to thinking about my boy's birth order... hmmmm There is some truth to it! Except for the last 2, they might be Bank Robber then Senator BUT it might be because Bugs is 13 and on my very last nerve. I might not be objective.

Heir Apparent has always been a good natured guy and easy to please, BUT he LOVES to debate. EVEN when you didn't want to debate it, just do it son! Total politician.

Drummer has always chosen the more difficult way of doing something. If a spanking was all that was going to happen, whatever "it" was - totally worth it! But separate him from everyone else and he was at deaths door! When he and Heir were about 3 and 5 their daddy bought them Red Rider Pop guns for Christmas. Heir totally used it as it was intended. Drummer put the cocker thingy (my dad says the lever) down and slammed the gun into his hip and made the machine gun sound. We didn't have TV! How on earth did he know about a machine gun? Total Bank Robber!

T2 was probably the laziest baby on the planet. His great Auntie called him Floppy. He didn't walk until he was almost 17 months old. I finally got nervous and took him to our Doctor and said "he appears to be broken, fix him"! That man looked me in the eye and said "Stop carrying him". I gasped! THE NERVE! Well low and behold it worked! Who knew! He was terribly shy for a long time. Now he has an opinion about EVERYTHING! He's a very kind 23 year old son with a very tender heart. Senator.

Skater was the baby for a very long time. He is spoiled rotten! He thought (thinks?) we were all put here to serve him. He is a very kind kid and loves his family. BUT.... he is not overly motivated to move along very fast. He has his own time table and own methods for getting there. And trust me it's not on yours, at all! Bank Robber

Now here is where things muddle up....
Bugs and Monkey are switched I think. But I honestly think it could be the 13 thing and the Baby thing. Some day Monkey will be 13 and be on my nerves too I guess.

What are your thoughts? Whats your birth order? Does the Senator/Bank Robber thing work for your family?

Last night my friend called me to go walking. I said sure. I wore a pullover sweatshirt. It was cold but as we got walking it was fine. Brisk but fine. About 10 minutes after I walked in the house I got a text from her asking if I had looked outside. It was snowing like crazy! It had been clear not a drop of rain NOTHING. We woke up to 2 inches of snow today. I know it's still Winter but I have flowers blooming! The weatherman said we should be in the 60's by the weekend. NICE!
Have a good week!

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  1. Ok, so I don't know about David and I. But for my boys Ian is the Senator---total negotiator ALL the way. Lee--Bank Robber...consequences of actions do not bother him...Dru and Eli I find are too hard to tell right now...what do you think? If I had to guess it's Dru--Senator and Eli--Bank Robber...so????