Sunday, April 12, 2009


Today was a good day. Heir Apparent came and we all were headed out to church. About half way there Monkey started throwing up. He was so sick. We turned around and came home. DH and Bugs went on to church. Monkey took a long hot bath and laid on the couch resting. I did all the things I needed to do for dinner. The big boys watched sports and hung out. It POURED on us most of the day. We waited trying to see if Monkey would feel up to the egg hunt, and the weather to break. We found our moment about 3 this afternoon and went for it. I love that my big boys still hunt eggs and fool around. We had a lovely dinner.

Bugs, T2, Heir Apparent, Skater Dude

Very sick baby.

Feeling a bit better, being the Easter Bunny

Counting the loot

I hope you had a wonderful day! Peace


  1. How many eggs did the bunny hide this year? And wow Isaac looked very sick, poor guy! Glad he's feeling a bit better and he plays a cute bunny! Glad you had a good Easter even with a sick baby.