Sunday, April 26, 2009


We had a very nice weekend. My parents came to a Mustang sale and they brought our granddaughter Arawyn with them. It was the first time we had her all to ourselves at our house. It was very fun. She is a fearless pistol. She loved her Uncles. Heir apparent came to dinner Sat. and Sunday it was good to see him. Sunday he and his roommate had gone hiking and I left him a text that we were BBQ-ing again and they stopped by starving! It works, no leftovers.
Pictures of our girl. They are in no particular order.......

Getting all prettied up!

Posing with the mail.

Swinging with Uncle Isaac

Look at that hair.

I'm not tired!

Where did they go?

Here is one, now where is the other?

There she is!!!!

I don't wanna go! bye bye Papa
I want to ride in Nana's car!
Have a blessed week. Peace


  1. I think she should have just stayed!

  2. I HATE leftovers! They are just a pain to deal with and sometimes no one wants to eat leftovers and it becomes a fight...I can't tell you how much she looks like she had fun with you guys! I think all in all she had a good time with her Nana and Papa and Uncles!