Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

I am blind without contacts/glasses. I can't see right in front of my face. So I'm stumbling into the shower at O:dark 30 this morning. I whip the shower curtain back and even blind I can see something scurrying across the bottom of the tub. That just grosses me out! I walk back to the sink, get my glasses and turn back around and sure enough, a HUGE spider is in the tub. I turned the hot water on and cooked the little sucker down the drain. ISH! I hate starting the day that way.
Went to the doc, got Bugs to school, then I went and had a massage that DH had got me for Valentines Day. Oh it was wonderful UNTIL she hit a certain spot on my shoulder and I did the silent scream into the face pillow thingy and almost dropped my gum! I must have made some reaction because she said Oh that's a good one! OMW. She might weigh 110 pounds at the most but I bet she could squish walnuts in her bare hands! It felt so good when she stopped. I have another one in May.
Then I did Easter shopping and came home. It looked like a Goodwill had exploded in my laundry room ( gotta love Fridays) so I tackled the laundry. 5 loads. It's all done! Yeah ME.
I know your jealous of my life. lol I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend. Peace


  1. I am jealous of your life. and I love hearing about every word of it!

  2. Okay, cause I'm slow and forgetful, but what was the dr. appointment for and I want a massage too!! You should treat yourself with your massage before Mother's day. Love you! Man I am behind on your blog!