Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's Tuesday!

I have my own little tulip field in my yard. VERY LITTLE, Just this one.
I think the squirrels have had a field day with my bulbs. I
used to have many gladiola's and tulips... sigh. When DH was
weeding in my beds he found my grandma's shamrocks. They
are so delicate looking but just keep coming back no matter
how much they have to come up through the weeds.

This is what I did tonight. A cookie to who guesses right.



  1. Something red and crunchy?????????? my shamrocks are pathetic. I have to go lift some out of my old flower bed !

  2. I bet its strawberry jam.
    I dont comment too often on your blog because it always freeses my computer up. Yours and Anitas. Wonder why. When do I get my cookie (assuming its strawberry)

  3. Rasberry and I'd like some please!