Sunday, April 5, 2009

Very nice Sunday

Oh it was beautiful today! It was about 65' and sunny! I had the window's open in my house. I baked some bread and I know they could smell it outside. The Little's and Skater Dude went to Heir Apparent's house for some WWE thing. We sent pizza's and he supplied the rest. I hope they had a good day. DH and I went on a drive and had a little dinner. It is so nice to be alone sometimes. It gives us a taste of what it will be like probably way before I'm ready. BUT there is that whole "I'm 17 almost 18" thing that helps you get ready for the big move. I wanted to go to the tulips this weekend but they really aren't ready. Next weekend is busy but maybe...
Have a blessed week. Peace


  1. You can't go w/o me!!!!! I'm so glad you and DH had a good time together!

  2. I've told you, the best thing to do is just keep making their rooms smaller. When Daniel came back too many times I got a big new bathroom :) he had no closet~

  3. Am glad you got to go for a nice drive. I want to do the tulips too. Oh well. Am glad the boys went to Heir Apparants house for the WWF thing.