Thursday, February 4, 2010


Dh has been watching home movies. It is cracking us up. We have never thought that our littlest guy looked to much like any of the brothers. We were watching a video of us going to Glacier Park and we were shocked! Monkey looks very much like Skater Dude. We just thought he was my mini me and that was all but he really looked like Skater. We have always said Bugs was a mini Heir and EVERYONE thinks that. In this particular movie T2 is younger then Bugs right now but they look very similar and have some of the same mannerism. It was so funny to us. I know at some point we should somehow get all those VHS tapes onto discs. That task is overwhelming at the thought. I still have 27 years of pictures I'm sorting! I really need a craft room. I hate bringing things out and working for a little bit then having to put it all away. That's why I haven't sown much in years - since Bugs was born or why I only work on scrap booking one night a month. At someone else's house! Pathetic.
The sun has been out and it's been so nice the last few days. It makes me want to start looking at flower catalogs and seed books. I have worked in my flower beds many years in February but haven't yet this year.
Heir stopped by yesterday and informed me that we are almost out of jam and he doesn't prefer blueberry. LOL I guess that's what is mostly left. I know there is still berries in the freezer but someone has to pull them out if the want more jam made. I just love how that kid comes and grocery shops through my pantry then fusses that I don't have what he'd like. Drummer boy has asked for raspberry and we have been out of that for a while and I'm not sure if there is more in the freezer. Just for the record Heir took blueberry even though it's not his favorite. I probably should just do strawberries but Dh and I do like other kinds too and since I am the one making it.............


  1. Oh your boys make me laugh! He doens't prefer Blueberry! HA! I was just going through my jam yesterday and thought I'd better get on it making some more...when I make the cherry and pear I'll have to send/save some for you guys. I want a craft room too...well really my own room right now with a lock on it would even be great...not picky though ;)

  2. I hear ya!! Everyone tells me it will be better when he turns 18. Somehow I think it is a secret plot to hide the awful truth like they did while I was pregnant! It is funny how one day you wake up and what was isn't anymore, maturity what a concept. Great post! peace