Monday, February 8, 2010

The Sick!

Poor Monkey. He has been so sick today.
This is what throwing up all day does to his little face. Broke little veins all over his little face. He is so pitiful. We are not big med's people but were starting to get a little worried that he wasn't keeping anything at all down so our doc called in a prescription for him and I hadn't a clue! Dh went to get it and it is suppositories. I looked at Monkey and said if you can't stop throwing up I am going to have to put one of these in your hiney so it can help you. He looked at me and dead seriousness said "SERIOUSLY?" I said yes. He just shuddered. I know he doesn't quite know what to think because of his face when he said it we laughed so hard!

T2 was playing the piano today. It was so pretty to listen to. I asked later if he was reading something or was it in his head. It was just in his head. He had no idea I was recording. I had to record something so you get Monkey sleeping and Scout on guard over him.

He seems to be on the upside tonight. No need for the suppositories.


  1. Get better Monkey!! I think you and my Lee were sharing cooties!

  2. A boy and his dog - happiness is. . . hope things are better today - but that music - so ethereal, you have a prodigy no doubt, listened to the whole thing it was awesome! peace too