Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

Dh and I are not sports people. We have a whole bunch of boys who are. So we watch a few things here and there so we can have a conversation with them every now and again. I know it's funny. Heir apparent is a season's ticket holder to the Seahawks. He is an AVID Mariner's fan. The other boys like football and baseball as well. Not quite like Heir but they do. All that to say We watched the Super Bowl so we could say we did. Dh tends to always cheer for the underdog. So we were hoping the Saints would win. They did! He is so pleased. Heir said we picked the right team to cheer for.

Monkey and Scout laying in my arms.
Monkey is faking being asleep.
Today would have been my brother's 50Th birthday. He has been gone several years. My parent's have buried 2 children. It doesn't seem fare does it.
It has been a quiet weekend. I'm not really ready for it to be over.
Have a blessed week.


  1. I love the look on has been a quiet weekend hasn't it! I was rooting for the Colts...but the Saints was a good game...on both sides...not lopsided!

  2. Love is all there is . . . The picture is priceless. There was a game then? My sister passed at 37. For 8 months of the year I was 2 years older than she. She hated that I relished in this time to be older. Today she came into my mind with her mischievous giggle "now you are always going to be much older than me, I will always be 37!" Peace (this is my tagline too, my 16 year old thinks it is silly, almost embarrassing as he says "we can't make peace anyway", obviously you and I both know this is the only way we will)

  3. It's not fair and I hate when people say life is not fair.. It should be :)!