Monday, March 21, 2011

Boys are funny!

I'm a very bad Nana! Princess had a tiny barrette in her hair and it came out. I grabbed Buster and put it in his hair! LOL He was so cute! It was a good thing his daddy didn't see him. And since he missed it I had to take his picture! HA! He looks like his sister.

Boys are WEIRD!
Today while I was mopping at work I happened to look up and on the fridge was a cookie cutter type person cut out of thick paper with different noodles glued to it. A preschool craft. As I was standing there looking at it I realized it had a penne noodle glued where the penis would be on a boy. I started laughing and hollered "M" can you come here a moment please?" M came up and I pointed and said "Did J put a penis on his guy?" She started laughing and said I asked him the same thing! He said Yes I did! We were both laughing. It just goes to show you guys are always worried about their STUFF! Silly boys.
Have a great day.

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  1. ALWAYS worried about thier stuff...adjusting, touching...*shiver*