Tuesday, March 29, 2011

T2's Birthday

I have tried for 2 days to get Blogger ( I almost wrote Booger) to upload these pictures. I was on the edge of pitching the computer. I hate feeling like that. Yesterday T2 turned 23! I don't know how that is possible! We celebrated his birthday on Sunday at our Family dinner. It was good to see everyone, we hadn't been together in a few weeks. *EDIT NOW I'm really mad, I've fixed this 5 times and BOOGER keeps messing with my format! NOT IMPRESSED! T2 and Princess play My Little Ponies. :) Walker and Scout. She LOVES him outside to snuggle with, but barks at him when he comes in. She's rotten. T2 had asked for an ice cream cake without any cake. Dairy Queen had the best deal and it was DELICIOUS! Buster and Princess playing nicely! Peace

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  1. Happy Birthday little brother! It was yesterday we were best buds! Sigh...