Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring in the PNW

Blogger hates me. It will not upload pictures tonight. We are having a very bad storm and I'm not sure it has stopped raining in 24 hours. It is flooding all around us. On the way to work today I pass a smallish stream. It looked Spring high but not flooding, 6 hours later when I drove back by it, it was FLOODED! There is standing water every where. The ones that I don't understand are the people who live in the flood plains and are flooded out every year and they just keep rebuilding. The 2 places I just don't think I would buy a house at are 1) flood plains and 2) perched on a hill side. Every year homes slide down them here and everyone is SHOCKED! Seriously? We live in the rain forest and when you take the plants that protect the hill and perch a house on it, I just don't think you can be surprised when the house slides off! Oh well I had some pretty cool pictures. I hope you can stay dry where your at! Peace

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  1. We are dry and I'm with you. Those houses on the hill are all about a view and someone not thinking it all the way through! Just the status of a view to brag about. And I'm still scratching my head on people who live in a flood plains, in the path of a volcano...bummer about the pictures though...