Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's here!

Today is the first day of Spring! It actually looked like Spring today. We even had some nice days this week. I could take pictures of flowers every day!

I would like these all through my grass.

Or these.

The Littles had hair cuts on Saturday night. Bugs wasn't ready to go short yet. I think he will once it gets hot here.

Even T2 got a haircut and he shaved into a new style.

Today after dinner Princess decided the toy box made a better toy then the toys did. She had a blast!


What are you doing in there Sissy?

Storm Princess! Yes she and her Mama picked them all up.

Buster. He is THIS close to walking. He always smiles after the flash goes off. He is such a funny boy.
Heir had a football game today so he and Roommate didn't come to dinner. He played 2 games and they won both. He told me of course he played wonderful! LOL He's not proud. I hope you have a wonderful week and that you can see signs of Spring in your area.


  1. I love flower pictures every day and baby pictures AND Riley doesn't want to cut his Music Man hair off either! :) summer he will

  2. I see it!! I see Spring!!! I feel spring!