Thursday, March 10, 2011

A week!

I can't believe it's been a week since I have written. Ooooops.

This past Sunday we (we as in Dh and The Littles and I) went and met our friends Frank and Anita and their gang of guys at Great Wolf Lodge. It was FANTASTIC! We got a great deal on our room. It's very expensive for just a bed but as a destination place I thought it was good! Dh is scared of the water and he had a great time! He went down all the slides with his boys and me! We really had a great time. It was nice to go with another family too. Dh and Frank did the scary slides first to make sure it was safe for the rest of us. It was. :) Even baby Eli had fun. His favorite part was the hot tub! Well who doesn't love a hot tub.

This was when my kids figured out where we were going. It was a surprise. Then I told them we were just going to check out how much it was. We were in our room and they still didn't quite get it. They cracked us up!

That bucket holds a 1000 gallons of water. It is hilarious when it dumps.

Part of the Paulson clan

Frank, Monkey and Anita

Dh an me at dinner.

I have NO words for what Monkey is doing! NONE! We were doing a quest. It's a game thing. Not really worth the money for little guys, but Bugs was getting into it. LOTS of stairs involved!

Listening to the clock tower story.

Clock tower story

Howling wolf. Don't be afraid.

Monkey and Bugs ready to swim!

The Paulson's other wise known as Anita and her gang of guys!

As we were heading out!

I would love to go back. I want to take all our guys. I know the big boys would have a blast. Our DIL doesn't really know how to swim and isn't totally IN LOVE with water but I know she would have fun there too.
I saw hummingbirds today but I think that might be a tad bit of picture overload.

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