Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bugs is a dad!

Sorta of.....
Rescue Rita got Bugs a Butterfly and a Lady bug house/kit thing for Christmas. A few weeks ago we got his larva. If you know me at all you know how THRILLED I am at LARVA in my house. The caterpillar's come in a little cup deal with a paper lid in the regular lid and when they are all in cocoon's and hanging from the paper you take it out and hang it in the net house and wait while they do their thing! LOVELY! So we ended up with 6 caterpillars and 5 hatched out to Painted Lady Butterfly's. If it is 55' you can let them go. We of course do not have 55' weather yet. So we have to feed the lovely painted ladies. You can put either orange slices or sugar water soaked on a crumpled paper towel. We have done both. They eat often. Pretty little things.

Painted Ladies eating.

Please notice this is on my DINING ROOM TABLE! So we can all ENJOY it! Thank you Bugs.

Next to the butterfly house we have the Lady Bug Land. Which came with larva and have now hatched also. Again it's not 55' so they can't get let out on my roses yet. They eat 2 raisin's soaked in water then cut in half. They should last them a week. OH GOODIE!
Bugs has totally enjoyed this project. Just SO up his alley. I'm very glad for him but would really like it to be 55' so they can get let go.


  1. ON YOUR TABLE!!!!!! Dear Lord! Maybe Sunday it will be 55'??? Man..but how cool on the other hand! Good luck!