Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fish On

Our little Princess is 4! Saturday was her party. She had lots of family and friends. Everyone was so good to her. Princess actually seemed to enjoy it this year. She didn't like it when we all sang to her but she did blow out her candle! She is just so shy.

She was trying to pose very sweetly for me.

Miss Cake Face!

Sunday opened fishing season. OH JOY OH RAPTURE!
Dh and The Littles and me all went to a kids fishing derby today. It meant getting up at Oh:Dark Thirty. ISH! I don't particularly like fishing. BUT I have a husband and six boys who I LOVE to spend time with so fishing I went. I took my Kindle and my dog and off we went.

After waiting our turn in line, The Fishermen.

Monkey and his first fish. They each got 3.

Bugs and one of his fish.

A few weeks ago Drummer and his family got a house. My lovely DIL asked if Sunday dinner could be at their house this week. YES! It was so lovely. Drummer grilled and DIL did all the inside work. It was delicious!

After dinner all the kids played soccer and then the neighbor hollered out that they could use his VERY large big yard. Heir grabbed his football and it was ON!

Princess and Heir going to high 5 after her big play!

Roommate and Heir.

Roommate trying to get away from Princess.

Heir going long!

T2 striking a pose. He saw me with the camera. :)

Football game

Monkey and Heir high5!

Monkey has the ball. Run Monkey!

Explaining the need to share the ball. She didn't like it but she did it.

Bugs has the ball!

Their house is so cute! It's an older home but it has room for everyone to have their own rooms. It has been taken care of. It has a nice little yard and a garage. They are so happy to not be in an apt. and I don't blame them.

The sun was out and was just beautiful today. I had a jacket on most of the day and so did Monkey but both of us have very red faces. I have the kind of burn that looks like I have sunglasses on, but it's WHITE! LOL It's all good. I needed the sun!

I hope you have a blessed week.



  1. A wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!!! Tyler's pic cracked me up!

  2. Sounds like everyone had a blast! Lili is getting all growed up! Sniff...