Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend Update

I asked for Princess and Buster for a play day. Some weeks I only see them on Sunday's and I miss them. So off we went. We were going to go play at Anita's. We had such a good time. Anita was finishing up something for her Mops group so we stopped by the church.

Bugs playing Muscle Man!

As we were driving through town we passed this monument. I went around the block and sent Bugs out with my camera. He did a good job.

It was a huge monument.

Then we went and had play time and dinner at Anita's. They have their nephew's dog staying with them right now. She is so cute! I don't remember bassets being so big. I loved her bark and ears and eyes and her stubby little legs.

Chopper making goo goo eyes.

Buster playing construction man.

Iron man, Seahawk Buzz lightyear Guy!

Princess HATED that mask!
I have been asking for something to be done for a while. Today was my lucky day. Dh brought the huge ladder in and got my job done for me.

Had to clean the light. Which by the way hasn't worked since our fire. Wierd huh?

Hanging the quilt Auntie got for me last year. I love it and it was on my bed for a while but I really wanted to hang it up.

Tada! It would really look better on a blue or yellow wall. I got white. I love it up there though.

Bugs came home with this friend this afternoon. Biggest sucker ever!

A face only a mother could love.

Have a wonderful week.



  1. The quilt looks very nice! and Bugs is wierd. and DH is Johnny on the Spot :)

  2. It was so much fun seeing you all! I miss you guys terribly! This has been year that has been tough for the both of us to see eachother! I hope next year is better for together time...Love you!