Tuesday, October 11, 2011


My mom and I had a wonderful time in Burns Or. at Kiger days at the BLM corrals. We wondered around the corrals for 2 1/2 days drooling over and picking our favorites. The adoption/auction seemed to be very successful. I think the highest price was $8750 for a 2 year old beautiful stallion. I think there was 120 horses and 86 got adopted. The rest will be up on the website next month. There is also always horses available for adoption in the pens. Beautiful horses!

A baby and his mama.

Mom and babies. The little colt on the right was only 3 weeks old. He was a feisty bugger.

Isn't he stunning?

The Steens from the South Steens. We didn't go up all the way.

Out over the valley. It feels like we are at the top of the world up there.

The only 3 horses we saw in the wild. We saw them twice. We walked out across the draw towards them. It's 3 stallions. Someone said Domino is the black and white but they aren't sure who the other 2 are.

Getting a good scratch on at the corrals.

My favorite pick. She did get adopted for $1000. I have good taste! Good thing I didn't have a bidding number.

2 cowboys talking.
The first morning Mom went over and had breakfast while I took a shower and got dressed. When I walked over she was having breakfast with a guy. He was very nice and they were talking Mustangs. He was there for the adoption too. He asked if he could follow us up to the mountains later but then changed his mind and stayed for a demonstration. He went up somewhere else and didn't see anything, we saw the 3. He got one of the Mare/foul pairs. Mom and I took pictures for him.

Waiting for the mare and foul to be sent down the lane.

Mama and baby ears.

Mama's sweet eyes.

My favorite girl! She isn't a Kiger but isn't she beautiful!

I hope you had a great weekend. Have a blessed week.



  1. I want the silver ones and I bet one is Crickets cousin :)

  2. I am sure they are and the 8,750 stallion was too. So she is related to someone very special. She only cost650.00

  3. You had so much fun! How fun! The horses are so beautiful...God makes some wonderfully and beautifully made things in this world!