Monday, October 17, 2011

A picture Dump and Review

We still have Hummer's!

The Princess and Buster were over. Bugs has been pulling them with his bike in the wagon. They LOVE IT!

Buster got busted for going in the road!


He didn't want to get out!

I showed them how to make it into seats.
Bugs and Monkey were invited to an indoor bouncy place party. They LOVED it. They were both dripping sweat when we were done. Boys are gross!

Racing over the obstacle course.

Racing down the slide.

I got beads put in my hair for breast cancer month. I think they are pretty.
On Sunday for dinner we celebrated Dh's and DIL birthdays. They are 2 days apart. We most certainly don't need cake 2 weeks in a row.

This is how Dh celebrates! Party it up Dude!

Princess was coloring me a picture. Now it's on the fridge.

The cake. 2 candles each. Dh thanked me for not covering the cake in candles.

Drummer lighting the candles.

Ready set BLOW!

Papa's presents! She was vibrating with excitement to give it to him.

Bolt after his bath before he went home.
I hope you have a blessed week.


  1. Well I want to see the picture Princess colored you that is now on the fridge! And what did Papa get that was SO exciting!! Happy birthday to DH and DIL!!