Thursday, October 13, 2011


Today has been a music filled day. One of my friends had a piano they no longer wanted and asked if I knew of anyone who did. YES I did! Drummer has wanted one forever. He plays very well. Well he can play anything he touches. But that's another story. So Matt said we could use his truck if I got lifters. Drummer and Skater and 2 buddies came and they lifted that heavy sucker right up into the truck and then Matt drove and backed it right up to Drummer's porch and the 4 of them carried it right into Drummer's house. It needs tuned but it's in good shape. Drummer and I are both excited for him. I can see him with his babies on his lap playing to them. It sooths his soul. Mine too.
Then when I got on the computer tonight to chit chat with Auntie. She asked me my favorite go to songs. One is I can Only Imagine. The other is It is well. Then we got to talking about songs and how we remember them. She loved the songs at my grandma's funeral but can't hear them and not think of her. I told her I understood that! We started YouTube-songs and remembering. I can't hear the song we had played at my brother's funeral without sobbing. She said they do too!

A sweet story about my brother's funeral. My Uncle Lynn is a a man with a heart as big as all outdoors. He would NEVER want you to know it. He is my dad's only brother. Dh was sitting beside me on one side and my Uncle Lynn was on my other. He was sitting trying to be stoic for the funeral. It was a very hard day. Scott's death was unexpected and we were all still very shaken. I had given up trying to be brave after about 3 minutes into the funeral. I just leaned down and grabbed the box of Kleenex and put it on my lap. When that song started my Uncle gasped and sobbed and said SHIT and leaned over and grabbed a handful of Kleenex from my box and just leaned into the grief and let it wash over him. Sometimes you just have to feel it all so you can let it go. I love that story and I'm sure my Uncle doesn't even remember. It just meant a lot to me that we shared our grief that day.
My song that sooths my soul when I am all angst is It is Well. I love the story behind the song and the song itself.

I'm not sure why it was such a verklempt evening. It is good to remember and miss those who have gone before us.


  1. It's been that kind of week! I remember you telling me about your brother...I am sorry for your loss! We must remember to keep their memory alive! Love you Nikki, more than I can ever express with words (cause they'd never make it out w/o crying...) It's been a time this week to remember the people we've lost...

  2. And Grandma's Sweet Sweet Spirit did fill that place~

  3. And Scotty is singing his heart out in that beautiful voice!