Sunday, October 2, 2011

A loooooooong recap!

I have been MIA for no particular reason other then I didn't feel like anything thing of any interest was going on. Well this weekend that changed.
Rescue Rita and I went to our annual MCC sale/auction. Her sister rode along with us. It was so much fun. We left Friday morning.

Autumn is just starting to show up on the other side of the mountains. It was very warm and pretty.

We stopped in Leavenworth for a bite to eat and to shop just a tad. I needed a new piece of my Nativity set.

I love this little town. It's always fun.

Their flower pots are still full and beautiful.

So much color.

Rescue Rita, Nancy and I having lunch.
It was Rita and Nancy's mom's birthday. The plan was to meet up for dinner to celebrate Mary's birthday all together. We had a wonderful time with Bob and Mary.

The Family.

The girls

Marys' dessert. She said it was YUMMY! We sang to her.
We were up bright and early on Sat. morning to get to the auction grounds. It's at a Mennonite church in the middle of nowhere. This is one of the big fund raisers for missions for the year. They have all kinds of baked goods and a meat truck with hams/bacon and cheese for sale. It's all donated for the fun raiser. They have ALWAYS sold out very fast! People donate things for the auction but the big deals are the handmade quilts.

This is an old accordion. I wanted it for Drummer. Mary/Bob donated it. It went for WAY more then I could have ever hoped to spend. He would have loved it.

Anita has been coveting mine since I got several years ago. I saw this and took a picture with my phone and sent it to her. She seemed exciting so I said I would try. I ended up getting it for her for a great deal! The middle looks GREAT! All shiny and pretty.

A buggy porch bench. I wanted it for my parents. It went for a lot. Which when you remember it's a fund raiser that's great. Not good for me though. :)
The pictures of the quilts are just a drop in the bucket, but I took pictures of the ones that were both hand pieced and hand quilted. There weren't so many of those. I wanted ALL of them. I think the highest went for $2200 and most the all hand done ones went for close to that.

A sneaky picture of the Mennonite girls. So sweet.

Peach colors, Totally Rita's colors. She didn't buy it.

I wanted this one SO bad! I think this is the one that went for $2200.00 I have very good taste!

The little family again. Keeping track of what went for how much.

All hand done!

I would have taken this one too!

So this one was the last one of the hand pieced hand quilted ones. It wasn't my favorite. However the bidding started at $100. So many people had left and the bidding had really dropped to almost nothing. They usually started at $500. So $100 was GREAT! One other person bid against me. It went to $150 and then I bid again at $200. I GOT IT! For $200! It is all hand done. The colors are a bit different then I would pick but someone saw the vision in it and it's beautiful!

Across my bed. It's it beautiful?

A close up of the hand stitching. It's a very eclectic group of fabric. Someone went to a LOT of work.
We got home late Sat. night. So I was home to do our Family dinner. It was good to see the kids. Heir had a game so he wasn't here.

Princess with her dessert.

Buster! Every time you point a camera at him he says CHEESE!

I hope you have a Blessed week.


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  1. I LOVE the rainbow of colors in the quilts! Your quilt you won totally looks like one my mom would make, colors and everything. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE icecream maker...I can't wait to try it out...not matter what Auntie says about Petunias and such ;) and Buster loves the doodder too!