Monday, October 31, 2011

I need some wake up!

On Thursday I got a phone call from Princess. She wanted to stay the night with me. Not really Me but with her Uncle Bugs and Uncle Monkey. She LOVES them. I was the bad Nana and had to say no. It was a school night and I just knew it wouldn't be good on a school night. She cried. :( So I talked to Princess Friday morning and asked if she would like to spend the night. She said YES! I said I would be there to get here about 3 ish. She was so excited! When I got to their house she was READY! I stayed and visited a bit then Princess and I headed out. She talked NON stop! It was amazing! Here is a sampling....

Nana, Mama and I went to the store and we saw the mobie (movie) Backyardigans. It was FIFTEEN BUCKS! Then we saw Wonder Pets and it was FREE! (Three)

As we were driving she asked me to take a left then a right so we could go by Elmo's world. (The Event center) BUT Elmo isn't there right now he's in California. (WTH???)

This went on until we were almost home. Then she crashed! She slept about 5 minutes. She is SO much like her daddy. She is also everything I ever wished for him. HAHAHA!

I had scrap booking on Friday night so Dh was doing Daddy/Papa duty. He was fixing dinner and Princess asked him a question about wakeup. He didn't really understand and was only half listening so he of course said uh ha, sure. Trust me it wouldn't have mattered what she asked she would have been told yes even if he had been listening. Princess had asked if she could have MAKE UP! She fixed her face up. Then she asked him if she could have whipstick (lipstick). Oh she did a beautiful job with that.

Isn't she beautiful.!

Have a wonderful week



  1. LOL mine call chapstick, lips! Gotta love Papa's right? And listen...if you are a TRUE Elmo fan you know that he's IN CA...get with IT Nana!

  2. HAHAHAHAHA I can so see Carmen with the Princess!