Monday, January 26, 2009

All that glitters isn't gold.

We woke up to snow yesterday and more is predicted tonight. I KNOW it's only January and that it's still the middle of Winter, but I think we've had enough snow. It didn't stick around yesterday and it won't tomorrow but it makes me just go grrrrrrrrrr!
My parents were over half way here for a meeting on Saturday so they just came the rest of the way and got their Christmas presents. YES they were done WAY before Christmas, just circumstances beyond my control prevented them from having them. They loved them. A lot of work and thought went into their gifts so it's nice to know they loved them. They also got all of Thing 2's stuff from my living room. It was his families entire Christmas that wouldn't fly home with them. They didn't end up flying but they were guests in another car so here it has been. I don't "do" clutter well so I'm glad to have it out of my living room. Thanks Mom/Dad. We had a lovely dinner Sat. night with them. Thing 1 came and hung out with us too. We like to all have family dinners together and try to once a week but I was informed this weekend is Super Bowl so he won't be coming. LOL We are sooooo not sports people. We aren't sure where he came from. His brothers follow home teams but not like Thing 1. He's a FAN!!!!! Well that is my news for the day. Peace.


  1. I don't even know who's in the Super Bowl! Let's have our own party :) aunti

  2. Frank is SO disgusted with the Super Bowl that he seriously thought about working on Sunday for something to do. There's no work for Sunday now so I wonder what he'll choose to do.