Friday, January 2, 2009

Jan 1, 2009

I just really needed to practice the 2009. Today the tree came down, MOST of the pine needles have been vacuumed up. You KNOW there will be more! The great purge has begun. 3 bags for give away, and 3 bags of trash. And that's only 2 closets. :-) Tomorrow I'm going to go to the attic. I have some things for my friend who just had her 4th son and I know there is a box of clothes that needs to go. I won't ever, not even if. :-) So it's free to go. The ARC was suppose to come but then the snow and holidays came so now it's who ever calls first or if I can get DH to take it all and drop it off. I did Monkeys room before Christmas so I know his is fine, Bug's room can't be done unless he's gone or much trauma and tears ensues. Skater Dude is on his own! There is more then one reason his room is called The Bat Cave!
I just noticed it's after midnight. Skater Dude is 18! Happy Birthday son! He was born at 2:06 in the afternoon. He was my baby for 8 years. We call him the Wizard when we need him to work magic with electronics's. He almost always can accomplish what we need him to. We are very glad he's a part of our family! Hats off to you Bryant. Happy Birthday.


  1. Needles are what I like about plastic trees :)

    Happy Birthday to Skater Dude! Darling turns 15 tomorrow...

  2. Happy birthdy to you, Happy birthday to you Happy Birthday dear Bryant, Happy birthday to you :) I think you need blue cake ~