Sunday, January 11, 2009

Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink

Actually the waters are receding, but it's still raining. I got to go to Baby E's baby shower today. He got nice things. His family all got together and hugged and kiss on him. Here is his Mama... She's so very proud!

My friend Rita was invited too so I didn't have to drive by myself.

After we picked up Mama and Baby E and headed to the shower we drove by this.......

and I just cracked up!!! My dad went hunting for Elk this fall and saw NOTHING and we were driving through a TOWN and this herd was just hanging out resting! I am twisted because I found this just hilarious.
Well off to start a new week. Peace to you.


  1. We know what you mean. There is a big herd that hangs out about ten miles from Shelton but only after hunting season. Back in the old days before Phil exchanged his rifle for a camera he would just groan every time we passed them lounging in the farmer's field! I thought it was hilarious LOL!

  2. Nikki,
    Here is a link to another mother of boys ...
    "Boys will be boys". Thought you might find a kindred spirit.
    hugs, Joy

  3. I was not invited to the shower. I laid on the floor and cried all day and you never came and got me and showed me Elks :'(

  4. Oh dear! Aunt Sharon is NOT happy with us!! I KNEW I should have had her's personally delivered like so many others were ;). Thank you for coming to the shower...I really appreciate it in so many ways! I'd like to tell Aunt Sharon next time but...Frank took care of that soooo....maybe a wedding?

  5. I didn't get one either. I am sad. Your dad does not think its funny Nikki.