Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cast of Character's - Thing 1

It was a dark and stormy night....... Oh wait, that's another story. Thing 1 was born just before I turned 20. We prayed for and got our boy first. He was a big happy easy going boy. He learned to ride a bike the summer he was 3. It was the weirdest thing to see. He has never done anything until he could do it just right. He can play the bass and guitar. He has drums he's learning- he lives in townhouse condo, you KNOW the neighbors LOVE that. Thing 1 went into the Air Force after high school. He never left the US. He wanted to travel so bad and didn't ever get to, so he got out. He came home. We never expected him to stay here but he said he had 2 little brothers that HAD to know him. He is such a good big brother and The Little's LOVE him so much and love to go to his house. Bugs wants his hair just like Thing 1's. Some of his favorite things to do are travel and concerts. He is a joy and so funny. He has mine and my dad's twisted sense of humor. Peace


  1. And he's still teasing me about how to cook noodles! HAHAHAHA! He's definitly yours though, thinks on his feet and is witty! Someday he might share his Seahawk tickts with me though, his big sister and all...I'm still waiting! He's the brother I never had/have...thank goodness!

  2. He is a wonderful caring young man despite his acts to cover it up. He has called us (his grandparents) several times this winter when we were besieged with snow to see how we were doing and told us he would take time off work to come help. It made me cry but we would not let him do it. His brother that lives here has as has his Uncle Tom and we did just fine.